Metro Ethernet Technology

Ethernet standard based computer network that covers a particular metropolitan area is known as metro Ethernet. Metro Ethernet connect business local area networks, LANs and individual end users to a wide area network, WAN or to the Internet. Metro Ethernet has better reliability and scalability, is highly cost-effective and offers supreme bandwidth management in comparison to other networks.

Often corporations, government agencies and academic institutions in large metros rely on Metro Ethernet in connecting their different branches to intranet. Ethernet supports very high bandwidth with granularity, something that contemporary SDH connections can’t offer. A network based on Ethernet access can also easily connect to customer network now that Ethernet is commonly used in corporate and even personal residential networks.

A few key points that attract the subscribers towards metro Ethernet services are its ease of use, cost effectiveness and usage flexibility. Both customer and the service provider get advantaged by clubbing Ethernet in the Metropolitan Area Network. The Ethernet interface is automatically inexpensive because of its broad usage in mostly all networking end products. Also, Ethernet services have lower equipment and services cost which makes it further cost effective.

Ethernet services are provided over Metro Blog Online  a standard and widely available Ethernet interface. From an interoperability purpose choosing an Ethernet service simplifies things operationally as virtually all hosts and equipments connect to network using Ethernet. It also has the advantage in that it does not require advanced understanding of IP and other related protocols.

Ethernet is the most flexible of all solutions. Most Ethernet services allow the subscribers to increase bandwidth dynamically. Another good point is that the subscribers are not required to purchase new equipment or technical assistance for these changes to take effect.

Initially the Ethernet technology didn’t best serve the needs of service provider applications. It was nearly impossible to maintain reclusive traffic and it was very difficult, at times highly improbably, to maintain private circuits. But once Ethernet MAN came into existence in late 90s it allowed transparent traffic channeling through Virtual LANs and soon isolation of different customers’ traffic was made possible

A wide range of providers are now offering Metro Ethernet services. Some providers have even extended the services across the wide area already. The numbers of user subscribed to Ethernet is rapidly growing from tens of thousands already today.

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