Family Lifestyle Photography

Your family will experience many happy milestones together but these special times often go undocumented. My baby girl is coming up to her second birthday but in that short time, as good as my memory is, if it wasn’t for my photographs to look back on, I’m not sure I would be able to recall all those ever so precious moments.

One thing I have learnt about having children is that time passes, at least, twice as fast (& you get five times as little sleep!). While you can’t stop the clock, or, turn back time, hiring a professional photographer to undertake a family lifestyle shoot, can help you capture these memories so you can enjoy looking back on them for years to come.

While I have always been passionate about the power of photography to freeze a moment in time, having a family of my own and so many memories to capture has really brought this home to me. I’m passionate about photography because I get a real buzz capturing special moments like these, memories that we all want to treasure.

It’s important that not only the milestones but also day-to-day life and those things that you cherish most, are captured in a way that allows you to share them with your friends & family.

You might have thought the only way to have a professional portrait taken is to stand in front of a big set of lights in a studio. Trust me, it isn’t & as much as I love looking back on photographs of myself as a child, that cheesy studio backdrop always makes me cringe! Who wants to sit in a studio, when you can go to the beach, hang out at the park, or, go for a walk in the woods, kicking leaves & splashing about in puddles? Hey, the kids might even enjoy it too!

A lifestyle shoot gives you a great deal of choice over where your photographer takes your family’s photographs. It allows so many more creative opportunities to shoot your story, your style. Creative studio work can be cool but for me, at least, it can’t match having fun outdoors!

If you’re worried about what to wear on an outdoor shoot there’s no need to be. While camouflage gear is not advisable, so long as you wear something that you feel comfortable in and try to avoid anything with large logos, or, motifs, you’ll be okay. Small detailed prints are fine and bold, bright colours work well. Some stripes can work but be careful when choosing them. If you’re unsure then just ask your photographer for some advice.


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