General Pointers And Precautions Of Buying An Expired Web Domain

As every transaction that involves the transfer of an expired web domain is unique and special, it is quite difficult and strenuous to provide a list of advisories and precautions that can help novice expired domain name investors. Here are some common pointers and precautions that provide an air of safety and security while dealing with expired web domain.

Consider the real value of the expired web domain: Let us say that you have an expired domain that is more than five years old and you have not been able to sell it at a higher price. Now, if you get an offer for that particular expired web domain, ensure that you are not bargaining too much with the prospective buyer. DomainerElite Before you want to reject the offer, just sit down and think about the following aspects:

a)What is the life of that expired wed domain and since how many days have you been holding that domain?

b)How many offers did people make in the previous months?

c)What was the highest offer?

d)What is the level of frequency at which you receive your offer?

Note: If you own an expired web domain of four or more years old, you would better sell it off soon for a decent price. This will result in a fair deal for both you and your prospective buyer. Never be too greedy to dispose the domain for an unrealistic price.

Uncertainty of receiving consistent offers: Expired web domain business is a quiet and discrete event! An offer suggested by one buyer is entirely different from an offer made by other buyers. The market conditions always vary and change overnight, and the market condition of the day is entirely different from the one seen about a year back. Set a price for your expired web domain name and dispose it as soon as possible.

Selling expired web domain is a marketing activity: There is a misconception among domain name investors that people come flocking together to buy expired web domain names! It is not true! Selling expired domain is a marketing activity and you will need to develop the skills of selling your expired domain names in the ever competing market. You may wish to put a notice board saying that the domain name is for sale and interested parties can contact you, in case they are keen in buying the domain.

Providing contact details to prospective buyers: The most common mistake that investors commit is avoiding entering their contact details on the “Whois” database. Ensure that you enter your contact detail on the database, so that prospective buyers can contact you and buy the domain at a good price.

Every domain has its own price: Another mistake that people often commit is to pay a higher price for a particular expired web domain. Many investors assume that a particular domain name will have a great prospect of selling at a very higher price. But, this may not be always true! Ensure that you are paying enough attention, while assessing the real value of the expired domain; never ever, overpay for your expired domain.

Finally, trading in expired wed domain is a delicate act and a thoughtful exercise. Make sure that you learn about pitfalls of buying and selling expire domain names, so that you will not get trapped in the magical circle of expired web domains.

John Khu is the well-known author of a new e-book titled “Expired Domain Secret”. He is also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business.


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