Three Steps to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a choice. A choice to live better and put the amount of sacrifice and hard work it takes to get there. Don’t be discouraged though, if this is what you want for you and your family you can do it. Having a healthy lifestyle will have you and your family feeling your best and you’ll be a lot happier knowing you’re doing what is best for you and your loved ones.

We’re going to look at the three main choices that you will have to make everyday. These choices are not huge in depth decisions, they are simple day by day, hour by hour choices. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is accomplished one choice at a time. Over time these choices will be automatic and you won’t even have to think about them anymore. They will be built into your routine and be as usual as a cup of coffee in the morning.

Choice #1: What to eat

Think about your daily choices for meals. What does your breakfast, lunch and snacks usually consist of and how much? Do you eat fresh vegetables and fruit? Do you eat enough protein? How is your vegetables, meat and grains usually served?

Vegetables and fruit are very good for us. Fresh or frozen vegetables are the best. Vegetables should be lightly boiled, steamed or baked so as to avoid depleting them of most of their vitamins and minerals. Sure, vegetables smothered in cheese and creamed soups are delicious, but very high in calories and not very good for you. Try to eat at least one raw vegetable and fruit a day. Make sure to get vegetables and fruit. They are different and your body requires both.

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