Who Is Lee McIntyre? Instant Internet Lifestyle Review

Lee McIntyre is a well-known Internet Marketer from the UK; however, this was not always the case. He actually has had several jobs. But the one job that he had the longest was that of a school teacher. He actually liked his job and was quite good at it. As you know, good things don’t always last. In Lee’s case, he was told to do something by his boss that he didn’t agree with. This was a big turning point for him and this led to him quitting his teaching job and venturing out on his own. He had often wanted to start his own Internet business, and this incident was the catalyst that he needed. Have you ever been in a situation at work, where you didn’t agree with your boss? I’m sure you can see why Lee made this life-changing decision.

In any case, he started off small selling school related manuals on eBay. After awhile this got old and he wanted more. He was doing quite well, but just wasn’t satisfied. He tried his hand at other small internet ventures and was not too satisfied with those either. That’s when he started his very own Internet Marketing program, teaching others how to be successful as entrepreneurs on the Internet. One of his most successful products today is his Instant Internet Lifestyle program. This program has catapulted Lee McIntyre from ordinary to great. He now makes well over a million dollars a year as an Internet marketer. Did he do it overnight? No, but he did do it, and do it well he did.

What is Instant Internet Lifestyle? It is a program for anyone interested in starting their own business and is not sure where to begin. It is also for those who already have a business, but would like to see a spike in income. Internet Lifestyle is not a scam. In fact, one of the great benefits of the program is that you can start using the information provided on Day 1. Some of the techniques are simple things that you probably never thought would work to increase your revenue. I’m here to tell you that they do work. I increased traffic to one of my websites by 50% after only 2 weeks. That’s amazing. His program is so easy and simple to follow.

The only thing that might get to you is Lee’s British accent and the fact that he may talk a bit fast at times. Personally, I like his accent. The great thing about having DVDs is that you can rewind and fast forward whenever you want.

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