Plugins Are Valuable Enhancements

CMS websites, or Content Management Systems, are proving to be not only popular, but necessary for small and local businesses worldwide. The improved functionality offered by plugins makes designing highly interactive websites possible and affordable for most businesses.

Extensions aren’t new to web development, but prior to the stage set by WordPress, they offered little for a smaller, local company. Private labels like Microsoft ® and Apple ® have higher price points and are often limited to those who can afford larger-scale branding. While they do offer affordable cookie-cutter solutions, those products don’t offer as much visual appeal as WordPress offers today. Web designers need flexible, easily usable plugins to develop innovative local business websites.

The Game is Constantly Improving
Open source licensing for plugin wordpress cookie plugin developers has opened the playing field because crowd sourced material can be reviewed and adopted by anyone who wants to improve the game. This is great news for smaller companies who want to compete locally for brand recognition online. Many plugins make social media sharing, search engine optimization augmentation, and visual enhancements easy for smaller, local companies to compete with big brands.

Technology offered as ‘open source’ is a great way to encourage thinking outside of the box. Great plugin ideas come from that kind of creative thinking and are worthwhile innovations of the information age.

There Are Considerations
We advise our clients to proceed with caution when uploading unknown plugins. We trust a handful of reputable plugin developers because experience has taught us that the devil is indeed in the details. A poorly coded plugin can break your site or leave it vulnerable to security threats.

Whether or not a plugin does what it says it will depends on many things – mainly, a steady track record of performance.

One down-side to open source technology is that plugin developers who’ve dropped off the playing field may disappear to follow other interests. Those plugins won’t be updated when hosting and website software is updated. That can cause issues with an entire website, and significantly alter the behavior of the site.

Is It Worth The Drama?
Absolutely. All in all, plugins are changing the way local businesses look and work online. Web designers should be aware of plugin authorship, reviews, and update series data. Within those parameters, there’s really nothing that can’t be done with a business website built on a CMS platform using the plugins currently available today.

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