Data Science Is Much More Than Playing With Raw Data

Data visualization

Data visualization plays a very important part when it comes to communicating the results to the executives. You may have all your fancy formulae and other mechanics at coming to the results, but the executives want to see the results which make sense to them. From the raw data that you have from the various sources, you can get out with certain statistical properties and the sort of analysis that you do and that can then finally be represented in a really meaningful and very precise visual form. And the moment the data comes to visual forms, the insights are very easy to draw and obviously when we have the insights, taking actions becomes even quicker.

The Data Visualization Pipeline

So now, this entire pipeline is easy to build and the processes on this entire pipeline are fully automated. The point from where you get the data inside your data platforms to the point where it goes to a plot or a visual chart, this entire process is completely automated. And the primary reason we are able to automate this is because of the various skill sets that work on this pipeline, like data engineer, the data architect who is making sure that the data pipeline and the data is flowing through the platform and there are people like statisticians, data analysts who are making these visual dashboards and also there are business folks who are taking some actions and insights out of the information that comes out of these visual charts.

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