Party Gift Ideas for Bachelors

Giving dinner plates, mugs and fruit baskets for friends who are still young, hip, and ready to party, is definitely a no-no. Unless your friend already has a family, maybe the dinner plates and mugs make sense. But if the party is for bachelors where alcohol is overflowing, other gifts would suite the party. Since party is going to be indeed really fun, why not give a gift that will be used at the party right away? Here are some ideas that you could give as gifts to make the party more fun:

Karaoke machine is a good idea if you have a lot of money to spend. If your friend is hosting a party at a house, karaoke is the best way to spice up the night. bongda365 Who wouldn’t want the combination of alcohol and karaoke singing? There are going to be out of tune friends that could bring unending laughs at the party. Karaoke machines can cost from $100+ but it’s certainly worth it. For the next bachelor parties, your friend will definitely bring the karaoke machine along.

Beer bongs are an American classic. How could anyone forget beer bongs in a party? Having these will definitely spice up the party to keep things interesting because just sitting down and drinking alcohol isn’t just fun anymore. Give this as a gift and your friend will thank you for making the party a lot more interesting. Just watch out for those people who spike the beer bong with high proof liquor. Sturdy and reliable beer bongs start at $15.

Party board games are also a good gift for a bachelor party. There are board games that are very adult in nature like the I’ve Never Board Game where you have to answer a question by taking a shot or drinking beer. There is also one from Hasbro called “Partini” which will surely spice up a party by gathering the guests to play along and have fun. These board games aren’t expensive either, starting from around $20 each. There are other party board games around. Just make sure to read the review of the board game first.

Forget giving boring gifts to your friends. Stay away from common gifts such as food baskets, dinner plates and mugs. Give rare gifts that your friends can also use for the party and they will be very thankful for making their party very memorable and fun.

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