18 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Rose Water in Your Care Routine

Rose water has a good sized sort of scientific and cosmetic benefits. It serves as an extraordinary addition to every person’s skin care and hair care recurring.

Healing homes of rose water were recognized even to historic human beings in Rome, Greece and Persia. One of the legends says that even Cleopatra used rose water in her care habitual.

Rose water turned into an vital exchange item between China and Byzantium territories inside the 8th and ninth centuries. Persia was the primary producer of rose water in those days.

Interesting fact: it takes 3,000 kg of rose petals to supply 1 kg of rose water. That is why real product was once luxurious. However, now days due to new and stepped forward technology, natural rose water have become very affordable product. You could scroll to the quit of the submit to find hyperlinks to one hundred% natural rose water products from exclusive international locations.

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What is Rose Water?
18 Benefits of rose water
Making Rose Water At Home
Rose Water DIY
Rose Water Shampoo for Oily to Normal Hair
Rose Water Toner
Rose Water Cream For Dry/Sensitive Skin
Where to Buy Rose Water?
What is Rose Water?

Rose water is produced by using distilling rose petals with steam. “Additionally, rose water is the hydrosol part of the distillate of rose petals, a spinoff of the production of rose oil for use in perfume…” (Wikipedia). Rose water is generally pink in colour and has very pleasant fragrance to it. Good rose water does now not contain any alcohol or synthetic perfumes.


Rose water diy


18 Benefits of rose water

Rose water has many benefits for our pores and skin, hair and frame in widespread.


Rose water for pores and skin

· Promotes skin elasticity

· Cleans and tightens pores

· Regulates pores and skin oil production which could be very vital for greasy skin

· Moisturizes and nourishes the skin

· Rose water promotes lymphatic drainage, that is why people with below eye baggage will advantage from lotions and eye patches containing this factor

· It has anti inflammatory houses making it a totally essential component for human beings with sensitive pores and skin and skin vulnerable to redness

· Strengthens blood vessels

· Rose water helps fight zits inflicting bacteria

· Prevents solar burns


Rose water for hair


· Removes infection and reduces itchiness of scalp pores and skin

· Promotes accurate hair boom via growing blood circulation

· Soothes hair giving it silky and shiny experience and appearance

· Strengthens hair

· Fights dandruff


Rose water in medicine


· Promotes wound and solar burn healing

· Reduces strain (strive taking a bathtub full of rose petals or mixed with rose water, you may love it)

· It has anti-bacterial residences, so that you should rinse your sore throat with rose water and you’ll experience pain comfort.

· It can even relieve toothache: pour a few water onto a cotton pad and use it on a painful tooth; rose water will kill bacteria and will assist you closing until your dental appointment.


Making Rose Water At Home

You can purchase rose water almost everywhere. However, it is easy to make your own rose water at domestic, in case you choose homemade merchandise. DIY beauty merchandise are natural and you recognize for positive, what’s in the product. You also can customize it to suit your skin’s desires.

However, it’s far very essential to apply organic ingredients whilst making own splendor products.

As for rose water, I strongly suggest that you do now not use commercially offered plant life, because you do now not really realize what kind of chemical compounds they were sprayed with. You can ask a chum or absolutely everyone you realize to present you a rose flower from their garden. I am the usage of flowers from my mother’s garden.


Rose water for skin, rose water for hair, rose water benefits


Rose Water DIY

1. 6-12 rose flowers. The extra rose petals you’ve got, the extra focused your rose water could be. Peel off and discard outer layer of petals. Use petals within the center of the flower in your water.

2. Rinse all petals and air dry (placed them on a towel).

3. Place petals on the lowest of the pot, you could layer them on top of every different if needed.

4. Pour water over petals just to cowl them.

Five. Bring pot to boil, lessen the heat to the bottom placing and simmer the mixture for about forty five min (petals will fade and water turns into colored).

6. Let combination to chill off.

7. Remove all petals from the water squeezing all the juice out of them.

8. Pour your water into a tumbler container. Store in dark cool region.

That is it. As you may see it is pretty simple.

Now that you have Rose Water you may put together several herbal beauty merchandise like face toner, cream and shampoo.


Rose Water Shampoo for Oily to Normal Hair
This shampoo includes egg yolks that are a herbal source of protein. Protein restores and strengthens your hair. Many people have a problem that egg yolk will make hair scent terrible. It isn’t the case on this recipe: rum will neutralize the smell, you will now not experience it.

Apple cider rinse will make your hair easy and vivid.


50 ml of rose water

30 ml of rum

3 uncooked egg yolks

2 tablespoons for apple cider vinegar + 1 L of heat water (for after shampoo rinse).


1. Mix rose water, rum, egg yolks collectively.

2. Wash your hair with the combination as if you are using regular shampoo

3. Rinse off with vinegar+water solution.

Four. Use this shampoo twice per week.


Rose Water Toner
This toner will combat zits, clean your pores and skin, lessen redness and inflammation. It is right for any pores and skin kind.


6 tablespoons of rose water

3 tablespoons of witch hazel



1. Mix all substances collectively and place in a pitcher field.

2. Use two times an afternoon after cleaning your skin.


Rose Water Cream For Dry/Sensitive Skin
This cream incorporates aloe juice on the way to reduce inflammation and pores and skin redness. Beeswax and cocoa butter will moisturize skin and repair hydration.



60 ml (2 ounces) of rose water

50 ml (1.5 oz) aloe juice

10 g of beeswax

60 ml (2 oz) cocoa butter

3 drops of rose oil

3 drops of bee propolis



1. Mix aloe juice, wax and rose water

2. Prepare a water bathtub: take a larger pot and vicinity a smaller pot inside. Fill up larger pot with water half of manner.

3. Melt rose water solution in a water tub

4. Add cocoa butter and allow soften as nicely

5. Put combination in a clean glass jar

6. Stir mixture properly, add rose oil and propolis while maintain stirring with timber stick

7. Keep this cream in air tight container.

Eight. Shelf lifestyles is 7 days, but you may hold in a fridge for 1 month.

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