Recognizing More About Worms Types and Causes of Worms

Worm disease is one type of disease that can not be underestimated, because the disease can disrupt the growth process in children. It can even interfere with a child’s level of intelligence to two digits.

In general worms enter the human body through contaminated food or drink worm eggs. Stomach worms usually choose to live in the small intestine that contains lots of food. Although so many worms that live in the large intestine. For more details, refer to some kind of worm that warrants concern.

1. Roundworms
Roundworm eggs usually enter the digestive tract which then hatch into larvae. Then the larvae will penetrate the smooth wall to get to the heart and lungs. Roundworms will cause malnutrition and will make children become no appetite, because the food nutrients taken by roundworms. Female roundworm can lay up to 200 thousand eggs per day. While the adult roundworms, can survive up to 6-12 months

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