What About Chocolate?

The very mention of the word chocolate activates the sweet tooth in many of us. Yet, for diabetics, it serves as a delicacy that has to be kept to a bare minimum, or completely eliminated altogether. But is this kind of extreme policing really necessary? Some say no.

While regular chocolate isn’t really the healthy food option many of us would like to believe it is, there is considerable research backing up the positive effects dark chocolate can have on your body. Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, the same heart-healthy component found in red wine. This type of flavonoid comes from the high percentage of cocoa. That’s why white chocolate or regular chocolate do not contain such extreme levels of flavonoids – no high cocoa content.

Eat only dark chocolate, not milk or white chocolate. Consuming brands containing at least 60 percent cacao (the base product from which chocolate is made), means you are giving your body the benefit of powerful heart-healthy antioxidants. Do you know white chocolate isn’t even chocolate… it’s fat.


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