Predicting the Future – The Holy Grail of the iGaming Industry

EGaming Review Article

The chief exec of a leading gaming operator is strolling down the beach at Sandy Lane one evening. He finally switches off his Blackberry, hitches up his chinos and sits in the sand, contemplating another wondrous sunset over a chilled glass of Pouilly Fumé. As the breakers roll in, something catches his eye in the surf. He wanders over to find a golden lamp half buried in the sand. An eye for an opportunity dictates he gives it a rub, and sure enough, a genie appears in a plume of smoke, demanding three wishes, pronto.

Our man has a think. He’s only just upgraded to the new Carrera GT Turbo, his Saville Row tailor is working on that season’s suits and his Breitling still appears to be ticking.

“I tell you what you can give me” says the CEO, thinking about his share options gently simmering somewhere in Guernsey. “For one, I want Poker Stars’ player base. And I want it forever”.

“Done!” exclaims the genie, clicking his tubby fingers. Next!

“OK” he says, after a brief pause for thought. “I want Bodog’s brand equity”.

“Fine” says the genie, looking slightly bemused. “Whatever turns you on. And what’s your last wish?”

The exec has a long slug of his wine before answering.

“I want to know what out players want before they do”.

The genie shakes his head, clicks his fingers and disappears into the lamp, shortly to be washed over by a wave and covered in pink, Barbadian sand.

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