The Best Hair Straightener

Everyone hates bad hair days and many use hair straighteners to fix them, but not everyone uses the best ones for the job. By using the best hair straightener not only will you avoid slow straightening and bad results, but also the dreaded heat damage and limited life span. This is because the best straighteners are made with top quality materials which are integrated into a practical and ergonomic device to give you the ultimate styling experience.

Finding the best straightener for your hair isn’t too difficult when you know exactly what to look for, best hair tools but if you’re just entering the hair styling tool world then here are a few things you need to know about what makes a top quality straightener.

Every good straightener uses pure plates, whether they’re made with ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. Pure plates are important in a straightener since lesser quality versions are damaging and don’t last very long. A common cheaper version is the ceramic coated plate, which is undeservingly popular and used in many straighteners today. Ceramic coated plates are simply made with rough aluminum and painted over with a layer of ceramic to make them look smooth and attractive, but when put to use these plates won’t channel the technologies that real ceramic has to offer. Plus, coated plates tend to peel and burn after long term use which will seriously damage your hair! This is why solid ceramic is preferred due to its gentle infrared heating known for sealing the cuticles, smoothing the shafts and protecting the hair from damage. Another technology native to ceramic is an ionic component which generates and releases negative ions to neutralize and balance the hair to reveal an irresistibly silky smooth surface and long lasting frizz free results.

If you’re looking for something lighter, hotter and faster than ceramic then go for titanium which is best for curly, coarse and stubborn hair types which need higher temperatures for a satisfactory straighten. If you need something gentler then choose tourmaline, which is a powerful ionic element that will straighten even the frizziest manes. Tourmaline is most recommended for messy, curly, thick, bleached or fragile hair types due to its superior results and gentle heating.

The best hair straighteners always come with an adjustable heat setting to give a safe and controlled treatment regardless of your hair type. Never settle for a straightener with a fixed heat since they’re usually set at a very high temperature that isn’t recommended for everyday use. Another aspect you shouldn’t live without is a swivel cord to save you hours of untangling your straightener and since they’re extra-long you’ll also have plenty of cord to let you move around freely while you style.

Lastly, the best straightener wouldn’t be complete without a lightweight and well-designed body. A heavy and uncomfortable iron will get you nowhere, so stick to a straightener that gives a good grip and an easy usage to save yourself the hand and arm strain.

It’s not much, but you’ll be surprised at how many straighteners don’t have genuine plates, a temperature setting or a swivel cord. Remember to decide on what kind of straightener you need (dual voltage, mini, cordless, wet to dry, etc.) before diving into the flood of choices in the beauty industry, it’ll make the final choice a lot easier if you know exactly what you want beforehand. But as long as you choose a straightener that includes everything a best straightener should have, you’ll guarantee a long lasting device that will consistently achieve outstanding results for your hair.

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