The 3 Favorite Mistakes Made by African Webmasters

African Webmaster struggle daily in the pursuit of relevance in the Global outsourcing industry. Outlined below are the common problems facing African Webmasters and their possible solutions:

Problem #1 – Finance – Lack of funds to invest in training, equipment is a real challenge for African Webmasters due to a dearth of training resources and lack of money.

Solution: Sourcing Finance justmyfitness will always be a challenge for everyone irrespective of their class, status and chosen profession. You can source used computers from merchants at low rates and make good use of the Internet for upgrading your knowledge of your industry.

Problem #2 – competition – Competition can come from larger business, fellow freelancers, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Companies in India, China, Ghana, Kenya etc

Solution: There will always be jobs for a skilled and cheap web designer no matter the increased competition, put in more effort in whatever design jobs that may come your way and let your skills speck for you.

Problem #3 – Lack of sales prospects – Nothing can reduce a person ego than being out of work, the feeling is likened to be fired from secular employment.

Solution: Make Yourself Known by giving free seminars in your local community, create posters and distribute it in your neighbourhood, stores, restaurants, hotels etc. You can also make use of online Job Boards and websites which periodically lists web design jobs suitable for freelancers.

In conclusion, African Webmasters need not dread the trio evils of Lack of Finance, competition And lack of sales prospects. They should rather concentrate their efforts into using the Internet as a tool of accessing readily available free training resources and also as a mechanism of reaching out to the thousands of potential clients out there.

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Hello there fellow webmasters. I know how frustrating and tiring can be to manage multiple websites or domain names or client accounts so I decided to outline the most important parts of process. Remember, you are not alone. There are thousands of webmasters like you and me struggling to stay on top of their website maintenance and management.

Some of the most important task for a webmaster:

1. Website statistics:

You have to frequently check webpage statistics and take action depending on the statistics result. For example if the number of visitors decreased last month then you have to do something about it. Find out what went wrong, maybe. Also you have to often check bandwidth and space usage for every domain/website account. You may also want to check subdomains stats/usage too.

2. Login Details Maintenance:

Having a lot of websites/domains means that you have to deal with a lot of usernames and passwords. It’s not a good idea to stick with one password for all your websites or accounts. I hope you understand that. Keeping good track of all your website’s login details also helps when you want to access those websites via FTP. Setting FTP access and logging in to the servers can be frustrating.

3. Taking Backups:

If your web server does not support automatic back ups then it’s your responsibility to take copies of your website’s data. This is especially important when you have running databases (e.g. when you have a forum or portal). Taking frequent back ups can also help when you want to change servers.

4. Email Management:

Managing multiple domains and websites means a lot of email addresses. How do you deal with that? The smartest way to go through it, is by using email forwarding. I hope your server supports this feature since it is a common one. The idea is to redirect all email-messages from one e-mail address to another. That way, you can have a main email address and multiple other -redirect- email addresses. All messages will be redirected to your main email address.

5. Client Management:

A lot of webmasters, apart from owing websites, they also offer webhosting services to people. Everyone is tempted to make some extra cash this way. I only host websites for people i personally know. Anyway, if you have some clients you have to keep track of their domain and webhosting accounts.




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