To Hire or Not Hire a Webmaster

Another good option for you is to hire a Webmaster. The choice of a Webmaster will depend on the number of times you decide to change your content. If the content is going to be changed periodically say in a week or once in a month then instead of hiring a full time Webmaster the option of a web designer on an hourly basis can be used. But instead if the website information changes often then a full time Webmaster will be more economical.

When planning to hire a Webmaster it would be better to decide the content, color and the fonts of the site. Some other things that may factor into your decision to hire a Webmaster are: Who is going to reply to the e-mail your site generates? justmyfitness Are you running an e-commerce site? How is the inventory going to be regulated and updated? Who is handling the online orders?

The biggest mistake some people make is that the site content will not change and their work is finished the minute the site is loaded. It will and in all circumstances should change.

Work on look and feel of the site

The design of the website will depend on the target audience and the content that needs to be published. The “look ‘n’ feel” of your website is important but not as important as the content. Once the target audience and content is finalized the next thing is to determine the nature of website whether it is going to be informal or professional. Another question to be asked is whether there will be use of graphics, animation etc?

Visual Design is important as it creates mood and increases the users loyalty and enriches the experience. It also gives an identity to the authority on site and tells the user about you and your level of professionalism. The most important part of your website is the textual content. The content should add value and should lead to a repeat visit by the customer. The use of tables to group and align text can help make a page more attractive. Tables are fast to load and are easily generated from most HTML Editors. The spacing between table cells and the borders around the cells can be altered or made invisible. Text and graphics within table cells can be right justified, left justified or centered.

Publishing on the net is different from writing for a newspaper. Photos, graphics, music and video can be used but a check should be maintained. As graphics are often large files that take time to download. The golden rule is: keep it small and beautiful!

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