Use webmaster staffing to grow your online business

Some of you might be wondering what does webmaster staffing means? So just to make it clear for everyone I’ll just give you a brief introduction.

Webmaster staffing is also known as staff leasing or outsourcing. It is a company that hires people who have skills in different fields of information technology and then leases them to those who need extra help on their online business. justmyfitness The outsourcing business is just like any other businesses around the world. If you have not noticed yet, all other businesses are also outsourcing in one way or another. The Shoes that you are wearing, the fish that you’re eating and the car that you’re driving, are all the products of outsourcing! The only difference is they market goods, staff leasing companies market services!

But how could webmaster staffing help webmasters on their online business?
Staff leasing generally helps online businesses in three major aspects:

1. Cost cutting

2. Productivity

3. Time management

Cost cutting and productivity has always been one of the greatest challenges to many businesses around the world because it’s almost impossible to cut your costs and increase your productivity both at the same time. If a company prefers cost cutting then their productivity decreases and if they prefer productivity then their expenses rises. This is just like math; expense is the inverse reciprocal of productivity.

With webmaster staffing this is possible! How?
When hiring an employee upfront you will be paying about $2000 a month or maybe higher but when leasing a staff from a webmaster staffing company you might pay as low as $575 a month only! Doesn’t that mean cutting your costs for as much as 70%? You could even hire four agents for the price of just one upfront employee which puts you three steps ahead of your competitors.

Companies that offer webmaster staffing services are usually located in countries with lower living costs like China, India and Philippines. Although the wages paid to the agents may seem too low for you but when converted to their currency it turns to be real high and the are really satisfied working in such companies and as a matter of fact they try hard to do their best to stay in the company. Many people in these countries are dying to have a job in outsourcing companies, in fact a dozen of resumes pour in daily but only the best candidates are hired.

Working with a dedicated webmaster staff who renders full-time service results to a higher productivity for your business.

By becoming a webmaster staffing client you could save time and energy on issues such as handling employee benefits, questions, recruiting, interviewing, hiring new staff, office set-ups and monitoring agent’s attendance and behavior. This gives you an edge to focus more on your business’s growth and strategy.

The combinations of these three aspects obviously result to higher revenue and enhancement of competing aptitude for your online business and less headaches for you.

Massomeh Indanan is the webmaster of a Webmaster Staffing Company.

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