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The Chosen is one of the four career options under the Chaos Army of Warhammer Online’s Armies of Destruction. A number of gamers have constructed a Warhammer Online Chosen Guide to help out newbies and other players in trying to both play as and fight against the Chosen. Since the main objective of their army is to wrech chaos against enemies that tread on their path, the Chosen is equipped with heavy armor. Since they are technically Tzeentch’s Chosen, they swore allegiance and service electronicseeker to their lord Tzeentch. For their weaponry, the Chosen carries a gigantic two-handed sword blade. Members of the Chosen class are always male.

Under the Warhammer Online Chosen Guide, their strengths and weaknesses are listed. Among the many skills, talents, morale abilities, and tactics of the Chosen are as follows: Ravage (where the Chosen channels the warp’s powers into his two-handed sword and when used, the sword can inflict 100 worth of spiritual damage); Tooth of Tzeentch (where the Chosen can stab the enemy for 100 damage and another 100 for every damage dealt by your team for the next five seconds); Corrupting Wrath (this inflicts 75 damage to opponents within 30 feet); Taunt (this enrages the opponent and the damage you inflict will cause 30% more to them); Sleeping Wound (this causes the Chosen’s sword to burn with energy that will deal 123 damage against the opponent within 9 seconds); Discordant Instability (the resistance of the opponents will be reduced by 236); Dizzying Blow (deals 75 damage against the Chosen’s target).

The Chosen can also look out for those who are a part of his team by means of the Guard Ability. Available for purchase at 2000g, the Guard allows the Chosen to defend his team as long as they are within 30 feet. All damages they inflict or is inflicted upon them will be divided between the Chosen and them. The Withering Blow allows the Chosen to inflict 75 damage and dismember the opponent. To improve the Chosen’s defensive position, he can make use of the Suppression ability and this will increase parrying skills to 25% within five seconds. The Bane shield, on the other hand, surrounds the Chosen for ten seconds and deals 100 spirit damage against the opponents who will dare attack.

The Chosen is also capable of imposing critical hits, which go as far as inflicting 120 damage for about 7 seconds against the enemy’s strength. This may be achieved through the ability “trembling weakness.” Tzeentch’s Amplification amplifies the healing spells cast in favor of the Chosen to as much as three hundred percent. The Sprout Carapace, meanwhile, can increase the Chosen’s armor strength to 1320. Everyone in the group will also receive additional 100 AP.

There are many other tactics and skills available for the Chosen career option, and the list is quite impressive. You will find good information if you have the right Warhammer Online Chosen guide. Because of this, the Chosen is one of those classes that are tempting to play or even fight against in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

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