A Week in Temple State Tamil Nadu

This state is one of the most culturally rich states in India. This is popular as the ‘State of Temples’ throughout the world as this state has more than 30000 temples which are very revered and visited. Southernmost state of India is accomplished with the destinations that are of major attractions for the tourists. This state has pristine beaches, beautiful hill stations, exotic wildlife sanctuaries and national parks besides magnificent temples.

Tamil Nadu Tourism Packages:

Southernmost state of India has an unending list of the destinations which attract tourists from India and foreign countries. Only a few tour operators offer the Tamil Nadu tourism packages with best luxurious services. Tourism packages to this state include honeymoon tour package, pilgrimage tour package, beach tour package, and many other tour packages that fascinate tourists very much. Tourism to the southernmost state of India enchants and amazes the foreign and native tourists with its beautiful destinations.

Tourism to Tamil Nadu:

Tourism to the southernmost state offers the best destinations to tourists to travel around. Tourism to Tamil Nadu leaves the tourists fascinated and enchanted. This covers the destinations like hill stations, beaches, magnificent, wildlife sanctuaries which draw tourists from all over the world. Chennai, Madurai, Ooty, Kanchipuram, Trichy are few of the cities of state which are worldwide famous for their beautiful destinations covered with natural beauty.

Temples in Tamil Nadu:

This is the most revered regions in India as this has more than 30000 temples and is known as ‘Temple State’. There is no place in the state where are no temple. this state are built in Dravidian architecture and have beautiful sculptures which add beauty to the pilgrimages. These are the most revered one as these are related with the ancient and medieval eras. Meenakshi temple, Ekambareswarar temple, Brihadeeswara temple, Ramanathaswamy temple, Nataraja temple, Arupadai Veedu few of the main attractions for the pilgrims. These are very revered and famous temples in ‘Temple State’ of India.

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