Is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever For You?

Is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever your kind of dog? It is certainly one of the most beautiful breeds, but does it mesh with your lifestyle? This hound was bred from the Newfoundland, the English Otter hound, and the Flat-Coat and Curly-Coated Retrievers in Maryland. As the name implies, the breed was designed for retrieving ducks and geese in the Chesapeake Bay, and as such is a tough, powerful swimmer with an oily double coat to keep it warm and dry in frozen waters. The dogs often enjoy sleeping outdoors because of their love of cold weather. The American Kennel Club placed Chesapeake Bay Retrievers into the Sporting Dog Breeds category in 1878. The dogs range in size from 21 to 26 inches at the shoulder and from 55 to 80 pounds.

In personality, “Chessies” can be taught obedience, but tend to be dominant when they sense their families to be meek. They are playful and get along with children, but can be a problem with other dogs in the home because of their territorial nature. Chesapeake Chiropractor  This same characteristic can be an advantage in a dog who is needed for protection. Chessies are known for their loyalty to their families.

So, what would be the ideal family for a Chesapeake Bay Retriever? Answer these questions to see if you qualify:

1. Are you the outdoor type? Enjoy camping and hunting?
2. Do your friends consider you a born leader?
3. Do you have a big, rowdy, playful family?
4. Are you happiest when bathing and brushing a large, dirty, oily hound?
5. Do you have at least a large backyard? Preferably with a pond or pool? Live on the edge of a lake? With ducks? Do you eat them?
6. Do you live in a climate where it snows? Like to sleep with the windows open? In December?
7. Are you a soft-spoken librarian who likes nothing better than to curl up with a good book?
8. Do you live in an apartment? Alone?
9. Are you looking for a lapdog?
10. Do you live in a warm region, or at least keep your apartment nice and warm throughout the winter? And the rest of the year too?
11. Are you a vegetarian? Turn off Animal Planet when things get violent?
12. Is your idea of athletic activity a leisurely stroll in the park feeding the cute ducks?

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