Trustworthy Work From Home Jobs

There are far too many home jobs on the internet that are far from trustworthy. Take on one of these and instead of making a pleasant income for yourself, you could be losing a small fortune. Alarm bells should be ringing whenever a home working opportunity offers a lot of money, or money very easily.

When you receive those money laundering emails, or have won a lottery and so on, realise that these opportunities are too easy to be true. Envelope stuffing and home assembly seem easy, but the horror stories come from every direction yet I have never heard of a single success story! Please, if you are a success story, leave a comment!

The Fingerprint Of A Trustworthy Job
So if you want a trustworthy 期間工 work from home job, you are looking for the exact opposite of these. Whereas scams claim to be easy money, working for someone else, someone who has approached you, honest and trustworthy schemes involve some genuine effort and you are more in control.

Working As A Translator
For example, a friend of mine works as a translator from her home. She has approached various providers of translation leads and receives regular work from them. Although she has to pay a small amount for their services, she found and approached them and checked them out before paying any money. Some trustworthy providers will also allow you a free trial period.

Working as a translator can be anything from translating a simple sign to rewriting large multi page documents. Obviously, you need to be able to speak relatively fluently in the language you are translating into, but from some of the signs I have seen abroad, that is not always the case!

Working From Home As A Website Designer
That is how I started out in my own home working of website design, which, if you can find sufficient clients, is certainly a good job for those with the skills, even if a little difficult to get started in. Again, it is working for yourself, dealing with clients.

Working as a website designer is not something that just anyone can take up – it does take a lot of technical skills and a while to build up a portfolio.

Working As A Writer
Another genuine job to try out from home is writing, but here I am not talking about writing term papers and so on, which I consider dubious work. It is also possible to work from home as a writer, basically writing content for websites.

There are loads of websites where you can battle it out for the work and then start to build a reputation. Here people wanting article written will request work off a panel of experts and if you know enough about the subject, you can write the article. It may be a simple 100 word article or a complex 1000 word write-up. These articles are then passed onto article directories as the buyer’s own work, or posted in the buyer’s blog.

As you complete more work successfully you move up the ratings ladder and become eligible for the higher paying work, which is reserved for the specialist writers with good language skills.

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Written by Keith Lunt



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