No Traffic = No Sales, Part II

If you are going to be using Pop-Unders, Keyword Targeted Pop-Unders, Expired Domain Traffic, AUDIO is OK traffic, there are a few very important tips that will make using the POP method of promotion more effective. You need to be aware of the difference between HITS and GUARANTEED TRAFFIC. And, you need to be aware of the differences between RAW and UNIQUE traffic.

HITS – are usually traffic from sites users who didn’t “want” to go to your website, they just got tricked or forced to go to it. “Hits” can also be manipulated to appear like they are real visitors going to your site. Just type “traffic simulators” into Google and you will see that traffic simulators are designed to send as many unique hits to your server as it can handle. Web page requests are routed through a massive list of anonymous proxy servers.television¬† Counters and banners “see” these fake hits just as if a real user was browsing your site. When you buy “hits” you run a risk of buying fake traffic that appears 100% realistic- the only way you can tell the difference between this fake traffic and real traffic, is that with the fake hits, you see NO results!

GUARANTEED TRAFFIC – is traffic that is actually “eyes” visiting and viewing your webpages.

UNIQUE TRAFFIC – The measurement of how unique a particular traffic is gives the amount of different visitors that will see your clients site within that campaign. i.e. 5,000 unique visitors are 5,000 different individual IPs/browsers. Many companies will offer you real visitors but how many of them are actually offering unique traffic?]

– 12 to 24 HOURS UNIQUE – This traffic works on the principle that over a 12/24 hour period only the unique visitors will be counted. So for example, if someone purchases 10,000 – 24 hour unique mainstream visitors and in a 24 hour period receives 2,000 visitors, but only 1,000 are unique. Only 1,000 will count towards the campaign. The stats will show the delivered visitors and also the unique visitors.

– 100% UNIQUE – 100% unique is obviously as good as it gets. If for example someone buys a 10,000 – 100% unique campaign, they will receive 10,000 unique visitors. The stats will show the delivered visitors and also the unique visitors.

RAW TRAFFIC – Raw traffic has NO uniqueness. This will obviously always be the cheapest to buy. Where a particular traffic package has no uniqueness in its title you should assume the traffic is raw.

The next type of traffic we’ll talk about is – EXPIRED DOMAIN TRAFFIC. Or “Re-Directed traffic”.

When someone creates a website, they generally register a domain name to go along with it. The owner of that website must pay a nominal fee every year to keep their domain name (about $9-$30, depending on where they bought the name). If the owner does not pay the annual fee, the domain registrar will put the name on hold. With most registrars, an “on hold” domain stops working.

Most registrars allow an additional grace period of 30-90 days for the domain owner to pay the annual fee. During this period, the registrar will generally contact the domain owner many times with attempts to get them to pay the fee and reactivate the domain name. If the domain owner fails to pay on time, and fails to respond during the 30-90 day hold period, the registrar will drop the domain name. At this point, anyone can register the name. On the assumption that the previous owner no longer wants the dropped name, a traffic reseller can pick up and register the name if they feel it will generate traffic.

Everyday abandoned domain names, [where the previous owners either listed them on search engines, on lists or marketed them], which are generating traffic already, are purchased with the main purpose to either resell that traffic or redirect that traffic to multiple websites. After a traffic reseller owns the name, they can direct it to their server and send out the traffic it generates to the campaigns they serve. These domain names had a previous website on them that fits into specific targeted category niches. All resellers have to do is redirect that traffic coming from these websites to your website so you now reap the benefits of the hard work and traffic flow the previous domain name owner created. Expired Domain traffic is the very best, clean traffic.

Keyword Targeted Pop-Unders work like this – the visitor goes to a random search site where the traffic reseller has placed a listing for various search words/category matches. The visitor performs a search for example ‘DOG’ and returns the results where for example the listing is sitting in the #2 position. The visitor clicks the link of the listing the traffic reseller has placed and receives 2 sites. One opens as a site relevant to the subject link he clicked (might be another link list leading to various other sites ,or an ad-page, or another client site,or…), and the second site opens as a popunder.

At this point when the client has clicked on the search result link; there is a lot going on the visitor does not see but is integral to the process. When the visitor clicks the link, the link code points back to the traffic reseller’s adserver for a page they have in a category relevant to the link. This page is coded so that when it opens–it spawns a second window in the form of a popunder. The contents of that popunder window is determined again by code in the HTML that calls for a site from the traffic reseller’s adserver. The content is matched against the original keyword result link clicked and the keyword match of the site in the adserver causing the specific site to load as the content of the popunder

The potential success of this traffic type is that the visitor really wants to see the type of site he sees and thus has greater interest potential. He has searched for the specific site/category, he has seen the results and clicked a link through to a site extremely similar in description and virtually identical in keyword, and then they was exposed to a second site (the client’s site) that is relevant to what they originally searched for and spawned in a manner where it will be the final window they view and thus the last in the browsing session.

Keyword Targeted Pop-Unders can be targeted to bring traffic by using keywords, different categories, by specific language, or by specific Country. And, it comes with full stats so you can keep track of your campaign activity!

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