Go Goa Gone Movie Review: Go For It

India gets its first true-blue zombie movie in the form of Go Goa Gone, which stars Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das and Anand Tiwari and Puja Gupta. Here is the complete review of what is touted to be India’s first Zombie movie, Go Goa Gone.


Two friends, Hardik, Luv, believe in slacking life till Kingdom come, but Hardik and Luv soon have problems in life. Hardik is caught making out in the office by his boss, while Luv is dumped by his girlfriend. Bunny is the straightforward hardworking guy in the trio, but he is roped in for a trip to Goa. In Goa, they meet Luna, who tells them about a Rave Party at an isolated island in Goa, organized by the Russian Mafia.

At the party, basically an orgy of sex, drugs and rock and roll, the three friends pass on a chance to test a latest drug. The next day, it seems that everyone who had taken the drug turn into zombies, and the three friends, along with Luna, are stuck in the island. Their savior is Boris, an ex-Russian Mafia who goes around shooting the zombies where it hurts most – straight in the head.


Go Goa Gone has a wafer of a script, and though it doesn’t offer anything new to the zombie/slasher/horror movie niche, it does create a niche for itself with the desi tadka that it offers to the screenplay. The movie makers make a heady cocktail of a buddy movie, a finding ourselves movie, and of course, gives kind of a speech on the debauched lifestyle that many yuppie people live today.

The characters are well written, and this makes the audience relate and care for them, and therefore give a care about whether they live, die – and more importantly, how. Vir Das and Kunal Khemu get the most screen time, and they make good use of it. They play the role of the urban weekend warriors quite well. Saif Ali Khan comes somewhere just before the interval, and does the job well.

The screenplay is crisp and does not lag, but there are no landmark moments in the entire movie. Of course, the entire timeline of the movie is one night, but if you are looking for some scenarios and concepts that will change or revolutionalise the Bollywood horror movie scene, you would need to wait for a couple more years.

Even though some of the screenplay is inspired from The Walking Dead – but they thankfully save us from the gutslimy scene – and the climax might not be very satisfying for a generation brought up on the Resident Evil series, Go Goa Gone gives enough bang for the buck.

What Works:

The dialogues and the camaraderie that the survivors show during the movie. If you ever wanted to know how laidback people can be during a zombie attack, this is the movie to watch.

The chemistry between Vir Das and Kunal Somay Gupta  Khemu, and the buffer that Anand Tiwari offers. Tiwari’s character also makes a jibe about how he is only there for the comic relief in the movie.

The direction and the quirky screenplay that makes everyone wait for what’s going to happen next.

What Does Not Work:

Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal. This movie proves that Saif Ali Khan requires the full two and a half hours of a movie to make a mark on the audience.

The gunplay and the guns. It is a bit amusing to see three office going professionals start shooting zombies right off the bat. And the guns don’t look like guns, making the entire scene of them mowing down the zombies with bullets look more like a paintball scenario.

In a Nutshell:

All in all, Go Goa Gone is an entertaining fare, and a very good weekend movie if you are going with friends and the gang. Some might find the blatant use of drugs and the attitude of the film towards women a bit unsightly, but well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.



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