How to Wear Your Jewellery

Don’t follow fashion trends indiscriminately

Your feeling of comfort and harmony with what you wear is always more important than complying with the latest fad. Pick the trends that work for you.

Reflect your personality

Nobody is perfect but everybody can make the best of themselves, expressing the unique person that is within. So, let the jewellery you wear reflect your personality: Bold jewellery on bold women, dainty jewellery on dainty women.

Draw attention to your best features

Chokers (36-38 cm) attract the viewer’s eye to the neck. Avoid these unless you have a slender neck. Longer necklaces and particularly lariats make the bust the focal point while the really long rope-style necklaces draw the attention down the entire torso.

Sparkling or dangling earrings will attract attention to the face and bracelets and rings to the arms and hands. Be particular when purchasing necklaces and earrings. Rather than choosing shapes that repeat the shape of your face, select shapes that contradict it (although not to extremes). If your face is round, try square-shaped earrings and pendants, and experiment with medium-length dangle earrings. Angular faces are best flattered with round jewellery – hoop earrings and chokers. Massive ear-rings may look out of place if you have a small face with fine features or short-cut hair. Hair worn piled up is a great opportunity to wear long drop or dangly earrings.

A well-fitted dangling earring calls attention to your shoulders, which is the last feature to age on most women. But long dangling earrings on a woman with long hair can look disorganized and messy. Tiny earrings on a large woman can give her a “fat-neck”-look while chunky “button” earrings are fabulous on a plump lady with lush hair-style.

Dramatic cocktail rings look very good on big hands with long fingers, but even smaller women can wear these successfully if they limit themselves to one piece at a time. The combination of 2 or 3 discreet rings is OK for smaller women while large women should avoid small rings altogether.

In general, if you are a tiny person, wearing large or many pieces of jewellery can make you look childish, but if you are a larger sized person, tiny jewellery will get lost on you which will make you look even larger. Wear jewellery that is in proportion to your body, it will help unify your look.

Extravagant jewellery – uncluttered clothes

Fancy necklaces go best with simple necklines. Bold, heavy jewellery go wonderfully with power suits and pants, and long necklaces with this season’s sweaters and cardigans. Delicate and feminine jewellery goes with breezy or elegant dresses.

When choosing jewellery, try to find colours that blend harmoniously with the colours of your clothes. Your jewellery should also coordinate with the fabrics in your clothing. Heavy beads don’t work with a thin silk blouse. You would be better off with several thin chains or a strand of pearls. Classic white pearls are not usually shown at their best with heavy denims or tee shirts but a generously long strand of baroque mixed coloured pearls may be just the thing to complement an informal style like this. Along the same lines, the length of the necklace should coordinate with your collar. A choker can be worn with a very deep neckline, but if you wear it with a turtle neck or high neck shirt it will look crowded.

Pair your jewellery items

Purchasing jewellery in sets makes pairing easiest. Necklaces, earrings, and sometimes bracelets and rings designed to be worn together takes the hassle out of deciding what goes best with what. Be aware though, too many matching pieces may be just too cute to wear. Earrings that match a bracelet or a necklace and matching bracelet look good. A necklace is good together with a ring, and earrings are a fabulous match for a bracelet. If everything matches exactly as a set, it may become too predictable and lacking in imagination.

If you wish to pair individual treasures keep in mind the following basic rule. Like styles, patterns, materials, and colours go best together. Additionally, when any one aspect geekowear of the jewellery ensemble is extravagant, the other elements are best left understated. This will provide your ensemble with the necessary focal point and prevent individual jewellery pieces competing with each other for attention. Thus, a dramatic necklace looks best with no earrings, or with small stud or button earrings (or matching earrings). Likewise, bold or exceptionally long earrings work better without a necklace, or paired with a delicate necklace made of similar essential elements.

Feel free to combine silver and gold jewellery, but think thoroughly over the combination. For example, bright silver and gold chains worn together can enliven a stylish but unexciting monochrome ensemble. However, try to avoid combining a silver necklace with a gold bracelet and vice versa. As to the metals, it’s up to you what to choose taking your taste, hair and eye-colour as well as the size of your wallet into account. But on the whole silver jewellery is considered to be an every-day thing, not necessarily appropriate for formal occasions.



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