Article Word Count Debate Heats up on Top Online Article Submission Websites!

There seems to be a little bit of debate at the top online article submission websites as to how long the articles that are posted should be in length. In other words how many words long should they be? The most popular online article submission web site has a minimum of 200 words and many believe that should be raised by 50 or 75 to be 250 or 275 words. This makes sense indeed. Some article authors and article marketers believe the minimum word count should be 300.

And at least one of the top most prolific online article authors thinks it there should be a few exceptions for a couple of categories and he states; I think the Humor articles should be lowered to 80 or 150, because to tell a really good joke you only need that much and if you make it wordy to reach the minimum you can sure ruin the joke. Maybe have a slide on the humor category only. Those are my thoughts and really I have been thinking this for quite a while with the new system and word counts and prior on the humor category.

Perhaps the top online article submission web sites should be upping the minimum word counts to 250-275. But also perhaps we should ask the Ezine Publishers, who seem to pick these articles up in syndication and really multiply the readership. And do not forget that with folks having lesser attention spans, it is to also be considered so the minimum should probably not exceed 300 words although most writers will opt to write 300 – plus word articles anyway. Think on this in 2006.

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