Make Money Online – You Need More Than Positive Thinking

Now that I subscribe to Google alerts I get emails every day regarding articles on making money online. It is interesting to me the number of those articles that include the importance of thinking positively when it comes to making money on the Internet.

Many times these articles are listed in numerical order and might include five things you need to do for example to make money online. Almost always the first thing listed is the importance of having a positive attitude!

After spending the past six years working part-time, and now full-time, I want to tell you why positive thinking really has nothing to do with making money on the Internet.

People that like to point to positive thinking would tell you the importance of writing your goals down and reading them. For example, if I wrote I will make $100 a day online, and read them every day for 3 months, at the end of 3 months I will still not be making any more money than when I started reading.

When it comes to making money online words without action mean nothing. And it’s impossible to take the proper action without the skills necessary to succeed.

A better thing to read would be “I will master one way of getting traffic” and read that over and over until you have actually done it. You will never make any money online without the skills it takes, so you have got to get things in the proper order.

Skills are simply the most important thing that you must have to make money online. They are more important than your website design, your product, how many friends you have in your social network, and so on.

If you are going to focus on skills, there are three things you must learn how to do.

1. You must learn how to blog or learn basic HTML to build web pages. I say that now because your blog platform can build web pages for you.

2. You must master at least one form of meaningful traffic generation. This could take you several hundred hours to learn how to do.

3. You must create a daily schedule and stick to it. Most people do not make money online because they work in spurts and they never create any consistency or momentum in their business.

I have no doubt that if you would do these three things you can make money on the Internet. I see terribly designed websites that are profitable simply because they get traffic to them.

I seriously doubt if the person making money on that website is sitting down reading his goals every day and being positive about his business that way. But I do know for a fact that he has mastered traffic generation to the point that he gets enough visitors to be profitable.

And that’s about it! Positive thinking is not nearly enough to make money online, but developing internet marketing skills is.

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