The role of the law makers

The Situation in Pakistan
Pakistan is one unfortunate country where the pathological effects of unbridled inheritance in a feudal society have become very clear. The polarization of wealth and opportunity is stark and is tearing up the social fabric of society.

The recent example of the Swat Valley brings forward what is in store for those societies that do not stop this polarization. We all know that the Swat valley in Pakistan was taken over. The fact is:

The entire Swat Valley was previously controlled by just 4 dozen landlords. The landlords and the elected leaders were mostly the same people, protected by a de-motivated and underpaid police force.2
(Polarization of wealth and opportunities by unbridled inheritance)

It took the full might of the Pakistan Army assisted by the U S to regain the control of this valley.

The Situation in India
We have an Inheritance law that allows for vast fortunes to be passed on to the next generation. This for the Asian culture works like sweet poison. An individual in our society is programmed for the accumulation of wealth for the next generation, and behaves like a ‘dynastic slave’.

Of all the laws in our constitution, the law of inheritance is the one that is closest to the heart-mind of any Indian. This is the law whose true sprit is fully imbibed by our culture and we hold it as a scared right. This is one law, out of so many, that is engraved in the collective psyche and transcends all caste, creed, religion and social stature.

Yet, inheritance is a concession that a civilized society grants to its members, just as intellectual property and at no time must the society allow a concession to tear apart the very source from which it springs.

In our country today we see the pathological effects of inheritance. It is the root cause of all and every corruption that aims to accumulate wealth, because the corrupt know that the wealth will be passed on to the next generation, who shall hugely benefit from its compounded value and who in turn, shall add to the kitty and compound it ever more.

The role of the law makers
The law makers in any society, amend the laws and bring in new legislations in order to nurture the tree of freedom. It is imperative, on their part, to locate the true focus of this evil and make changes, so that succeeding generations are spared the ill effects of unbridled inheritance.

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