How Can Digital Personal Health Records Help You?

The world health organization (WHO) estimates that one in ten patients worldwide are affected by medical errors. These medical related errors are preventable and they occur mainly due to incomplete information about patient health records.Computerization of medical records enables health care providers to provide optimum health treatment by obtaining a full overview of patient histories, which will help them to make accurate diagnosis and also provide cost effective care.

Digital Health records should enable health care professionals to efficiently deliver quality health services through:

1. Audit and monitor- care provided.

2. View health care history of an individual over a period of time.

3. Research and analysis of a disease pattern

4. Avoid repeat investigation.

Today, in our health care system it is difficult to find and effectively interpret information about patient illness. This is mainly due to the result that the record maintenance is done using paper based format. Patients are also frustrated due to lack of communication and compatibility of health care records between various health care professionals and hospitals across different hospitals and medical centers.

In addition, there is also lack of standardization in common health data which is used across various health  Newsrooms information networks. As a result there is little integration between an individual and their health record and medical centers. Digital Personal Health Record can aid in providing solution to these issues.


This article is for informational purpose only and is in no way intended to be a substitute for medical consultation with a qualified professional. The author encourages Internet users to be careful when using medical information. If you are unsure about your medical condition, consult a physician.


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