7 Deadly Mistakes of Affiliate Marketing

It is all to easy to jump into affiliate marketing and make a lot of mistakes. Here are my affiliate internet marketing tips on how to avoid these deadly mistakes, and what they are.

1. Market this and that with no plan

This the biggest mistake people make when they decide to start working as an affiliate. They sign up for a few products, which are probably in different markets, and then do a bit of marketing on this one, and then get carried away by a new e-book, and forget what they are doing. Instead, get a plan of what you are going to do and follow it.

2. Sign up for loads of affiliate programs

This is another big error. People trawl through the Clickbank Marketplace and sign up for dozens of products without having a clue how they market them. Concentrate on a few products.

3. Buy lots of affiliate marketing e-books

This is a common fault – we all fall for this. You start off with one e-book, and then a week later you get an email telling you of this amazing e-book or video set which will set you on the path to true wealth. Don’t do it.

4. Watch dozens of affiliate marketing videos

This is similar to buying e-books but with a difference. Videos take a long time to watch, and you can’t skim through them. Marketing videos are often poorly presented with low quality pictures, so you are often straining to see what is on show, which makes it difficult to take in the material. Also, you can’t print the video out (!) mark the important points and make notes in the margin. Only get videos where they supplement e-books.

They say it is easier to learn from images, but not from images that whip past as quickly as on most affiliate marketing videos. Go for e-books and print them out!

The reason there are so many videos about these days in affiliate marketing is that it is much easier to make a video than write an e-book. Leave them on the shelves.

5. Advertise on Google AdWords with a big campaign and letting it run

This is the road to a fast exit from being an affiliate. Many so-called experts recommend that you use a big list robottogel.  of keywords for your advertising campaign, and some merchants provide big lists of keywords. These keywords are supposed to convert well.

However, the problem here is that you will end up with a lot of keywords that are quite unrelated to the affiliate product. Google does not like this, and will make you pay a lot for your ads.

Another problem associated with this is leaving an AdWords ad to run indefinitely, and then forget about it until you see your credit card bill showing a charge from Google for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


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