Different Shears for Different Hair

When you go in to get a haircut or a trim, do you ever wonder why your stylist switches shears all the from time to time? Or why they have a set of 10 different hair shears that all look exactly the same? To the naked eye, they may all look very similar, almost identical, but to a trained professional hair stylist, they are as different as night and day. It’s like golf: you would not use your putter to tee-off would you? Well a hair stylist does not use the same pair of shears for every cut either.

A professional, highly trained stylist probably has between 10 and 20 pairs of quality hair shears that they use on a regular basis, each of them serving a specific purpose. For instance, a swordfish shear can be used to both cut and texturize a head of hair. Swordfish shears look have two blades like a normal pair of shears, but the outer edges on both sides are jagged looking and sharp within the jags. This allows the stylist to use the inner blades to make a traditional cut and use the outer edges to texturize hair without switching tools.

Another type of shears that are useful to professional hairstylist are thinning shears. Thinning shears are mainly used with people who have thick or coarse hair is in need of taming. Thinning shears are jagged along the inner blades and almost looks like a comb. Stylists use their thinning shears and cut near the middle of the length of hair to essentially weed out some of the hair. Professional stylists have been trained to use thinning shears, so it is not recommended that you try to thin your own hair at home.

Another nice pair of hair shears is the double swivel shears. These shears allow stylists to move or adjust the thumbhole to a position that is comfortable and meets the shape of their hands. This helps greatly with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is very common among the professional hair stylist community.

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