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There was a survey. It found out on what the Americans fear most. The two circumstances come up. The first one is fear of death and the second one is the fear of public speaking. It is obvious that majority of the people are afraid of standing in front of the public and say something, not to mention to have a long speech. In this article, you will learn how to effectively speak in public and give the best to the audiences.

1. Be Prepared. You need to be ready both physically and psychologically. You need to have enough rest the night before the speaking. A tired speaker will never give a good impression since the tiredness will come out when you speak. The brain will not be able to think what to talk or to handle strenuous situation. How good food before the speech. Do not let yourself be too hungry or too full. That will affect your concentration.

2. Know your subject well. TheBusinessDaily You can not cheat people by talking about what you don’t know or have little knowledge about. Their time is valuable too. Please do your homework before the event. There was a research that people will be more confident on the thing that they are good at. Whatever you do good will give you pleasure in doing it and you will be more focused.

3. Dress properly. Your appearance will be your first impression to others. Do not let yourself to be too sloppy. When you can make good first impression. You are on the way to win this presentation. This also depends on the event. We should not be too formal or too informal in the event we are joining.

4. Review your script. Make it well remembered before you speak. You don’t have to remember verbatim but instead remember the main topics or contents. Carry a small note if you have to. When you are on the stage, you may forget most of the thing since you are nervous or have stage fright. That is normal. However, you will get over it when you have prepared by memorizing your topics. There are many memory programs that you can select to enhance your memory if you want to. These programs will not only help you on speaking in public but help you on other life circumstances.

5. Be yourself. Make sure that you carry your good character to the stage. Do not imitate others since it will not be natural and the audiences will not feel comfortable. Unless you are a great actor, be yourself. Know the main purpose of your speech and make sure that you deliver it to the audiences. This is the measurement whether your speech is successful.

6. Be present. Do not think of anything else but what you are talking while you are on stage. Inhale deeply when you feel scared or lost. Notice that the audiences want you to give successful speech. You used to be an audience yourself and you know the uncomfortable environment when the speaker performs poorly. You want him to get over with it since nobody likes that feeling. So everybody is cheering you in their mind. Be cool. Be happy that you are giving the best you can to the audiences.

7. Ask the audience to stand up when he or she speaks. This is to control the questions and answering session. If the speaker stand and the audience sits and asks questions or talks. He controls the situation. We need to ask him to stand up for making him appeared to all other audiences and give him some responsibilities as a co-speaker. He will be less comfortable standing up in comparison with you who have been standing up longer than him. Then you will be able to handle the situation better.

8. Use anecdotes. People like to hear story no matter how old they are. Adult love to hear the story related to their interested topic as much as kids love to hear fairy tales. Adding the story into your speech will make it more interesting and impressive. Make sure that the story is relevant and well rehearsed before it is told.

9. Visualize yourself to be successful. One week before you speech, spend time twice a day and visualize you on the stage. Give the best speech that having been given to the people and get enormous support and cheers and welcome. See yourself express effectively on stage and give the right message you want to give. The use of visualization will help you attract successful speaking as you want.

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