According to the International Ski Federation 2021

The International Ski Federation utilizes, be that as it may, the two terms “Free-form Skiing” and “Free-form Skiing” to assign this game in French, creating some turmoil on the name to apply. The essential explanation and normalization could eventually prompt a requalification of these orders. Furthermore, the expression “Ski free-form” is held in its English adaptation. It coordinates the World Championships which were brought thusly in French “Free-form and Artistic Skiing World Championships” during its first Tignes, “free-form skiing big showdowns” during the 1990s and 2000s, took the category “free-form skiing and snowboarding big showdowns” and “free-form skiing and snowboarding big showdowns” then again, lastly the division “FIS Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard World Championships” since the 2010s following the combination of new trains and the refocusing with snowboard occasions .  tremplin-numerique

Phrasing in French as per the International Ski Federation 6 .

General term Category term Discipline term

Free-form Ski and Freeski

Free-form Skiing Jump


Ski cross

Freeski Slopestyle


Huge air

The public alliances have not normalized the terms. The French Ski Federation utilizes the expression “Free-form Skiing” for every one of these controls, with the exception of the French Olympic group which keeps on utilizing the expression “Free-form Skiing” like the IOC. The Swiss and Canadian alliances keep on preferring the expression “Free-form Skiing” like the IOC.

The artful dance (or acroski) is an old order vanished in 2000 . Occurring from the primary period of the World Cup in 1980 and until 1998 , its last occasions, not including for any authority grouping, occurred during the 1999-2000 season . Order is likewise present at the big showdowns of 1986 to 1999 comprehensive.

Phrasing outside of sports associations

The terms can likewise be utilized as promoting instruments and publicizing vehicles to help the ski business [ ref. desired] , some of the time befuddling which term to embrace. It is generally acknowledged that freeskiing is a term gathering the act of free-form skiing (with a falsely made course) and freeride skiing (with a free course with a characteristic slant spotted with rough bars) 7 .

Freeskiing wording outside wearing bodies

General term Discipline term Definition of control


Free-form skiing practice on tracks fitted out to perform figures on snow modules (or counterfeit ones like rails or boxes) whose controls are slopestyle , half-pipe , ski cross and large air .

Freeride skiing off-piste practice on a free course with a characteristic incline dabbed with rough bars driving the skier to pick the course with the presence of judges to score on five measures: line, smoothness, control, hops and figures ( air and style ) just as the procedure.

Boondocks free-form ski practice in virgin off-piste territories. The skier performs gymnastic figures on a free course dabbed with rough bars and common hindrances with the chance of building springboards with a digging tool.

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